VPG Buildwell - VPG1720SM  Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

123VPG1720SM Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

VPG1720SM Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

Product Description

This is a 16 Block Semi Automatic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine With Feeder Box Attachment And Driver Sheet. The feeder box attachment makes the feeding of materials to mold easy and fast. This machine is easy to operate and make good production of Concrete Block, Hollow Block, Solid Block can be made in this machine. All type of block measurement moulds can be designed based on customer’s requirement.


Capacity 6500 per day
Model/Type 1720SM
Hydraulic Motor 7.5 Hp
Vibrator (2 Nos) 3 Hp
Traveler 2 Hp
Left Right 1.5 Hp
Mixer Machine 20 Hp
Total Power 34 Hp
Weight 1.3/4 Ton
Production 1 Hour 8 Hour
400x200x100 mm 4”- 16 Blocks 800 Blocks 6400 Blocks
400x200x150 mm 6” -10 Blocks 500 Blocks 4000 Blocks
400x200x200 mm 8” – 8 Blocks 400 Blocks 3200 Blocks

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